Company Profile

Bektas Construction Transportation Ltd. 15.04.1994 and Biba Engineering & Construction Energy Industry. Tic. Ltd were established on 04.01.2013. Firms housing, industrial buildings, infrastructure, roads, bridges, etc. construction began operations as a contractor. When adding in the shipping business continues to work on its portfolio.

Our quality policy is our company realized that many of the construction project success;

* Customer satisfaction in all our projects we have undertaken to
* Fast, Timely, Affordable and Hassle-Free Business Delivery to do
* Advanced technology services serve the advantage of a correct,
* The principle of continuous improvement and enhance their experience of success,
* And take our place among the leading companies in the sector
Quality Policy, continue to work.

Professional, technical, administrative staff and adequate machinery park as well as "ISO 9001:2008" EMRA "Construction and Service Certificate", Natural Gas Distribution Companies "Internal Installation and Service Lines Certificates" and "K1" We have received the certificates.

Our company has many works for various government agencies and private sector organizations committed to the project. In this context, the Private Sector and Public Sector,

Natural Gas Power Plants, Wind Power Plants, Industrial Buildings and Building Works, Gas Networks, Road Works, Underpass, Infrastructure Works, Environmental Regulatory

Affairs and the excavation of some of the construction work is still ongoing projects are built.

Our Certificates